Adopting a Dog

Adopting a pet is a serious issue. It is both extremely rewarding as it can sometimes be very challenging. Fortunately all our dogs are relatively socialized as they are amongst their peers as well as amongst humans that show them nothing but love all day long! Additionally, we have created the 'BIF-Buddy-Scheme' which lets local volunteers foster a dog on the farm. This gives a dog the opportunity to connect with someone and it gives us the chance to know the dog better which means we will know what is suitable and what is not. All our animals available for adoption are healthy and vet-checked every month.

If you are interested in adopting and committing to one of our furry friends we would of course be absolutely delighted!!

Our adoption fee is simple: Preparation (Vet-Treatment) and Transport to where ever the lucky one might travel to.

Please email or WhatsApp us to discuss!


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