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Adopting a Dog

Adopting a pet is serious.

It is both extremely rewarding as it can sometimes be very challenging. All our dogs are socialized and prepared well for the hopefully final leg of their journey to a home of their very own. We asses every dog that comes through our gates with a holistic approach, combining non-invasive training forms along side K9 training (if needed), energetic Animal Reiki treatment along side traditional medical treatment. 

Our dogs live amongst their peers as well as amongst us humans - giving them the knowledge to interact respectfully and properly with both. If you decıde to adopt a furry friend there are no secrets, you will be informed and advised of the animals full character, quirks and all included, so you know what you are getting yourself into :)

All our animals available for adoption are healthy and vet-checked every month.

Should you fall in love with one of our dogs, please download the Adoption Agreement and email it to us as a first step. We will request a Home Check (also by Video) and explain the costs incurred.  In the UK we have full RBU (Rescue Back Up) through Philippa Johnson, an all around rescue soul that helps our pups adapt, learn and fit right into their new homes.

We are always available to future parents for any questions, worries, happy pictures (a must!) - the whole lot.



Chantal Ozbas

Philippa Johnson     

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