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Hello and happy Tuesday everyone 💞

Today is d-day at the vets and we are scrambling for help. Our lovely vet let’s us have an open bill and we try to make due in small parts every month.. at the moment our vet bill comes in around 8000TL / 1100EURO😬💲🙈 this is from January onwards and only the biggies.. 3 male castrations of humongous dogs🙃, ongoing medical treatment for all the pups pictured🤕Leishmania, Erlichiosis, auto immune system illnesses, mended limbs just to name a few.

It is also major tick/flee/snake/scorpio etc season around here!🕷🦂🦎🐍 Hence, we’ve had to spray the whole farm, every cage and every dog😅.. a job we have to repeat every month if we want to stay safe until September 🤗.

Our new Donkey lady Priscilla is probably pregnant and has worms so we are just starting the journey😳

And last but not least we have taken on a very special case with our new Dogo Argentino who needs training and re-setting of everything she has been thought until now😞

We are thankful for EVERY SINGLE DONATION, BIG AND SMALL .. please consider helping us so we can keep doing what we do as best as we can🥰

Thank you from the bottom of our and our furry friends hearts💕🐾🙌🏻

Monika Ozkaya & Chantal Ozbas

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