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Did you know...(please take time to read)

In Turkey, Pitt Bulls and Dogo Argentinos are illegal?

Here's the problem: As in many cultures these dogs are seen as a status symbol here. Despite the possibility that owners do actually have them for the right reasons - most have one for the first. I sometimes wonder where we went wrong, how can a breed that was used as a Nannie (fact!) in the past turn into a breed that is feared and often bred to be feared? No idea.. Anyway, here in Turkey, once these dogs become unwanted - which happens A LOT, maybe because they don't end up being as 'easy' or 'scary' or ' protective' as imagined - they end up in the shelters. Once they are in the shelters, because they are officially illegal, it is impossible to get them out again. The only way is if you are Police or Jandarma (Millitary Police). Once they are registered at a shelter - that's it for them, they will die there.

Our shelters are full of these dogs and there is no way out for them. This is why, I believe, there are so many floating on social media - people try their best not to have them registered so this doesn't happen. It is for me a big reason I look twice every time I see one. All it needs with these dogs - unlike with any other (also a fact!) is a phone call, a complaint, no good reason - and bye bye.

Ena, whom I have taken on mainly because of that reason is an American Pitt Bull. As lovely as they come - and they come very very lovely - and very very sick. Had she ended up in the shelter - she would have certainly died a painful and slow death. Ena has a rare immune system condition that presents itself as a skin condition - which it's not. We are treating her with: Special diet, weekly medicinal baths, fecal transplant treatment, dietary additives - and as far as this is possible at our Kennels, a clean environment.

If you find it in yourself to help Ena and of course in extension me - please consider a donation towards her treatment. She deserves a comfy life after at least 4 years of constant itching and scratching and discomfort.

Every little helps :) Much Love

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