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BIF Updates May 2020

Its been a while so there are many things to report - but we will keep it short!

We have had absolutely amazing support from individuals and from fellow rescue organizations the past months. Mugla Pointer Rescue and the wonderful Kathy Ashton as well as local Animal Rescue Kuşadasi ARK and Paws and Claws Kuşadasi.

Through their support it was possible to secure 3 homes, some temporary fosters (but we all know the possibilities of FosterFails :)), some for good. Betty, the English Pointer girl that has been with us from day one and Hugo, the German Wirehair are off to the UK and Jack, the lovely older wonky gentleman, will travel to Wales.

The borders are closed so the pups are waiting and there is an actual backlog at the farm :/

But we manage - with your ongoing support we can.

We now have 5 white breed dogs at the farm -Pedro, Ena, Mike, Pamuk and Pasha - besides other issues such as Leishmaniasis, Erlichiosis and and, most have similar skin conditions. Together with our Vet Team we want to get to the bottom of these auto immune system problems so many of these bully breed dogs have. It is a long journey for each and every one of them and a very expensive one also. Not many people around here take on these dogs. 1 they are forbidden breeds (Dogo Argentines/Pit Bulls) 2 their treatment is very very costly. The reason we take them: If we don't they end up in the Shelters and that's it for them. NO treatment. NO way out. A life sentence in pain and agony. So - we take them and try.

We have created a protocol to follow which costs 1400TL per dog. This is the cost of evaluating the dog. Bio Chemistry, skin samples - the whole lot. We have an ongoing success story. Pedro is supported by ARK and we post regular updates on that lovely guy. Documenting his journey as best we can.

Please consider helping us continue our work - without you giving those fur babies a voice through us, it is not possible.

We appreciate any kind of support, be it monetary (can be direct at the Veterinary Clinic or the Food Supplier) or sending dog food, medicine or materials to keep the farm up to speed such as metals, tools, fencing, woods. We are open and thankful for everything - every little helps and we are always available to talk in person (at the moment according to social distancing of course :))

Thank you in advance for your time and we hope you all keep your spirits high, keep busy, healthy and good in these difficult months.

Much Love

Monika and Chantal

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