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2020 - Let's go!

The end of 2019 brought about a rough ending! I personally lost my first dog - Riley due to what we suspect was a heart attack. She was 10 years old, they say it was a good age for a Boxer. But still, one is never ready and its hard.. And in the night of the 31.12 we lost Snowflake who has only been with us a couple of weeks. She was the funniest little baby goat and we miss her a lot already. Mr.Brown is devastated and we will find him a new girlfriend as soon as possible!

Having started the year with tears in our eyes we now have to look forward to the year ahead and make sure we give our furry friends the live they deserve.

We have added a new section to the Website called Foster/Adopt. We would like to push the idea of fostering this year as it is essential for us to be able to keep doing what we do. Fostering is a beautiful, often selfless thing to do. You welcome an animal into your home, love it and care for it like your own but you have to be able to say goodbye when ever the opportunity for a permanent home comes along. Healthy and socially competent dogs are available to foster. The medical bills if needed are of course paid for by us.

Our aim here at the end of the day is to prepare the dogs that come to us - in dire condition mostly - for a forever home. This regarding their health, character forming and if needed correction and basic training so that when ever a lucky one has an offer - he or she is ready and prepared to be the best companion.

The winter here is stormy and cold. We have finally gotten our Flee (ugh! I know but with new animals coming in, it happens..) and have set up a kind of quarantine system! We have made some changes to the area as a whole and are continuing to make the place better. Of course all this costs money and we would like once again - yes we know January is a tough month for all of us :) - to appeal to your pockets. Every little helps as you know - a small amount goes a long way here :)

Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy 2020 and we look forward to staying in touch

Much Love and sending good vibes to everyone!

The Birdislandfarm Team

We say goodbye to Riley and Snowflake, we welcomed Leman and Sossa and Gabrielle (Gabri) as well as two birdies have found forever homes!

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