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2 months at Birdislandfarm - Please consider a donation :)

The first couple of months at the Farm have been busy! Here a quick summary of what we have been up to:

Tony and Delilah have been nursed back to health, both now have enough weight and are rid of their ugly lung infections. Tony had a lump on his leg - we thought - turns out it was metal! A previous operation that was done completely wrong, using a metal that was 3x as long as it should be and was sticking out of his leg, beyond the joint. Horrid - but we, Zia and his team - fixed it! Delilah is still in cue for her Cherry-Eye operation.

Ena, our dogo, is undergoing intensive treatment. She has been put on a special diet, having medical baths and fecal transfer. The results until now are not great. Zia is working on figuring out another treatment plan. We are sure we will be able to cure or at least handle her immune system related skin condition. But, it takes time.. this is all on a very high level, research, highly specialized treatments and lots of back and forth between us, Zia and his experts around the world. One day she will feel comfortable in her own skin - and maybe our experiences and treatments will help other patients in the future.

Elsa the pony has been treated for her bursted almonds - and we are doing the after care diligently. She is so skinny- we are feeding her slowly and are hoping for improvement. Unfortunately there is not much of it - she is also a very old Lady! But, no matter what happens - she is well looked after now and can relax and feel love for as long as she will be with us.

Jack - our naughty hunter - has had his complicated leg operation (double break, spread out, in one leg) and is recovering at the Vets. This quite honestly is because he turns out the be the quirkiest, funniest and naughtiest chap Ive seen in a while!! He has to be contained in order for his breaks to heal properly. He is skinny as hell - but a strong little man! If all goes well he should be out of the cast ın around 30 days.

Elvis the Donkey is an old man but super healthy!

We have 3 new residents: 3 birds that were saved from a breeder.. very sweet and happy campers.

All 16 dogs have been de-wurmed and de-fleed, the 5 puppies just had their 3rd injection.

The cost of all treatments : 6'600 Turkish Lira

The work doesn't stop of course :) we are almost done with the fencing and as winter in coming and we all know what that means for the animals living on the streets we are planning to build another 9 dog kennels.

The cost : 7'500 Turkish Lira

The cost of 9 Dog Houses: 3000 Turkish Lira (This will hopefully amount to less once we order :))

The Food we give our doggies as well as Elsa and Elvis:

800 Turkish Lira (we have a very friendly and animal loving food delivery man :))

Please consider a donation so we can keep doing what we do and help the ones that can't help themselves :)

Every Little Helps :) Thank You

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