The Untouchables

It is a fact, an unfortunate one as we think, that certain breeds are forbidden and if you own one and a complaint is filed against your dog - no matter if true or not - the dog can be taken away from you and you can be given a monetary fine.

It is like this all over the world, the difference here in Turkey is, once these dogs are entered into a shelter system it is impossible to get them out again (unless you are active Police or Jandarma (Military Police)).

Furthermore, it is a risk for any official charity to promote and in that sense find homes for these animals.

We have therefore decided to create a much needed space for these babies to help find solutions BEFORE they enter the system and are doomed for a sad life at the shelters. Mixed breeds - of which there are so many - can be adopted, even across borders. Pure-breeds not.

Help us help them - spread the word, 

find homes !

Breeds include: Dogo Argentino, Pit Bull


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