The BIF Buddy Scheme stands for two things:

One, every dog needs to feel like it belongs. With a pack of totally 32 dogs (at the moment ..) and only so many hands, this is hard to keep up with.

Two, it is a rewarding way to help us either carry  the weight of the responsibility to get the dogs adoption-ready, or to handle the cost of each one better - or indeed both!

Volunteers are welcome to choose a dog they think they can connect with and come to the farm to look after them, teach them the basic commands (with our help of course), cuddle them, walk them on the leash, groom them and, and, and.. one, twice or thrice a week, what ever is possible!

If you are unable to come to the Farm physically, the other option is to help us financially with a donation marked for a specific buddy that you wish to help and receive regular updates on.

If you are interested in becoming a Buddy to one of our furry friends YAYYYY!!

Please email or WhatsApp us to discuss!


​​Help make a difference and sign up
to become a BIF-Buddy today!


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