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Bird Island Farm is a private animal sanctuary.
In Turkey, animals that have ended up without a home, both big and small, face a tough life. Beautiful people do what they can to help but unfortunately there are not (yet!) enough of those to look after the hundreds in need.
The Farm is a safe place for those that need it the most. Some of our residents stay for good and some as long as they need to. We try to find a loving new home for each and every one of the animals that come through our gates - and until that happens, we do our best to give our furry friends the best life, not only in regard to care and love, but also in regard to health and fitness. Together with various likeminded individuals such as our lovely Doctor Ziya Bagcik and the talented Tevfik of SimbaK9 dog training as well as, last but definitely not least, our volunteers from the BIF-Buddy scheme, the lucky pups are in good hands.
In order to do what we do we are dependent on donations both monetary and of course in form of food and materials.
We are very happy to be able to work with local charities such as ARK (Animal Rescue Kuşadasi)  and Kuşadasi Paws & Claws, who have an abundance of knowledge - together the impact of our common effort is far greater than alone!
Every little helps!
Much Love,
Monika & Chantal

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